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Minibus Society.

Churchill and Langford Minibus Society

The minibus society has begun providing regular scheduled services from Winscombe and Sandford to supermarkets, banks etc. and social trips for people living in this Parish.

The Society needs to know where you would like scheduled trips to go to.  We also need to recruit journey organisers.  If you became one you would be responsible for collecting those on a list of passengers for each trip.

Could you spare an hour each month to be a scheduled trip organiser?  If so, please contact Malcolm on 852314 or Laura on 863679 to discuss how you could help.

Details of current scheduled trips are posted in Winscombe Library and on Brown's Corner noticeboard in Winscombe. Or by going on this website to 'Parish Info' then 'Clubs&Societies' and there clicking on 'Minibus Society(Churchill).