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Parish Council

Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have made which could potentially interfere with council business.
You may download a summary of the interests registered by the councillors, please click here.

To contact a councillor by email click on the underlined email address below and this  will open the email system and give the appropriate address.

 Your Parish Council is made up of the following representatives:


Mike Williamson - Chairman of Council

Mike Williamson  Telephone 01934 853437


Parish Committees: Cemetery and Allotments; Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning, War Memorial Rec. Ground.

Archie Forbes
Vice-chairman of Council

Archie Forbes     Telephone 01934 842194


Parish Committees: Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning;  Environment; Play Areas and Skate park; War Memorial Rec. Ground. 


Chris Ballard

Chris Ballard      Telephone 01934 842584

 No email 

Parish Committees: Award Land; Cemetery and Allotments; Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning.

Cresten Boase 


Cresten Boase   Telephone 01934 823609


Parish Committees: Employment, Finance and Policies; Environment; Planning.




Mark Boddy

Mark Boddy    Telephone 01934 842860


Parish Committees: Environment; Planning;
War Memorial Rec. Ground.


Janet  Corry

Janet Corry   Telephone 01934 842657


Parish Committees:  Employment, Finances and Policies; Environment;  Occasional Newsletter.   

 Kevin Joyce 

Kevin Joyce   Telephone 01934 842304


Parish Committees: Cemetery and Allotments; Employment, Finance and Policies, Planning; Play Areas and Skate park; War Memorial Rec.  

   Iain Kilpatrick  

Iain Kilpatrick   Telephone 01934 843102


Parish Committees:  Planning; War Memorial Rec.  

 Gerald Lloyd

Gerald Lloyd Telephone 01934 842468


Parish Committees: Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning; Occasional Newsletter; War Memorial Rec. Ground.  

 Chris Lomas 

Chris Lomas Telephone 01934 820722


Parish Committees: Cemetery and Allotments; Planning. 

Geoff Luckett

Geoff Luckett   Telephone 01934 843077


Parish Committees: Cemetery and Allotments; Employments, Finance and Policies; Environment, Planning.  


 Vic Slater

Vic Slater   Telephone 01934 843912


Parish Committees: Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning; Occasional Newsletter.



Paul Watkins 

Paul Watkins  Telephone 01934 820862


Parish Committees: Cemetery and Allotments; Employment, Finance and Policies; Planning: Occasional Newsletter. 




John Westlake 

John Westlake   Telephone 01934  843321

No email

Parish Committees: Award Land; Cemetery and Allotments; Employment, Finance and Policies;
Environment; Planning.


Parish Officers 

Parish Clerk
Lynne Rampton

Lynne Rampton  Telephone 01934 844257


Office Assistant
Sue Kent 



Sue Kent    Telephone 01934 844257




Ward Councillors
Banwell and Winscombe 


 Ann Harley      Telephone  01934 84 2069

 Jerry O'Brien    Telephone  07741 05 8042


 Member of Parliament John Penrose  Telephone 01934 613841


  • The Parish Council Chairman or Vice-Chairman act as ex-officio member on all Committees and Working/Steering Groups of the Council.

  • The Chairman’s Committee meets on an ad hoc basis at the discretion of the Council Chairman to deal with matters that require an urgent decision for which it would be inappropriate to call a special meeting of the Council. Membership of this committee comprises of Parish Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman along with other members who are Committee and Working/Steering Group Chairmen. The Chairman may invite any member (with a specialist knowledge in the agenda item) to participate and vote at that meeting.

  • Working/Steering Groups are not committees of the Parish Council but information gathering groups set up to report back to either the full Parish Council or founding committee for any decision.

  • Parishioners with a special interest in a particular area have been co-opted as advisors (without voting rights) onto the following Working Groups: Award Land, Cemetery & Allotments and War Memorial Recreation Ground Advisory Committee. The Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group is a group formed of both Councillors and Parishioners with all decisions recommended to the Parish Council for approval.

  • Parishioner Volunteers appointed to Working Groups of the Parish Council:

    Award Land  Garry Allen,  Mandy Brading, Joe Cornish,  Roy Eldridge,  Annie Hembery, Tony Wyatt. 

  • Cemetery & Allotments  Lindsay Lawrence 

 Parish Council representatives to the following bodies.

Avon Local Council Association -     Cllr. I  Kilpatrick and Cllr M Williamson

Banwell and Winscombe Children's Centre Partnership -  Cllr. J Corry

Churchill and Langford Mini-bus Society -  Cllr. M Boddy

Fairtrade Steering Group -   Cllr. J Corry

Knollis and Doolan's Charity -   Cllr. G Luckett

Millennium Green  Trust -  Cllr. M Ballard

Sandford Village Hall Committee -   Cllr. M Ballard

Strawberry Line Heritage Trail -  Cllr. M Boddy and Cllr. C Ballard

Woodborough Hall Trustees -  Cllr. M Ballard and   Cllr. P Watkins